The Detox Base is for professional use only. It is the first step of the wrap. This anti-bacterial gel has a perspirant and detox effect. It is used in particular for slimming, detoxification treatment, increases circulation and promotes the health of your skin. Natural algae extracts are added to help firm the skin and aid the detoxification process, it is full of natural minerals, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids.


A powerful Slimming activator.
Helps reduce toxins and other waste matter in bodily fluids, improves the blood circulation, helps burn excess fat, tones the body, and softens the skin.
Stimulates lymph drainage reducing fluid retention anddetoxifies the skin.
It dramatically activates and helps the quick penetration of the active ingredients of the Active Slim Gel and Active Slim Cream.


  • FUCUS VESICULOSUS: Has anti-cellulite and slimming properties. It fights cellulite and helps reduce localised fats. The common name by which this seaweed, or marine algae is known is Bladderwrack.
    ESSENTIAL OIL OF ORANGE: Promotes slimming and detoxification.
    SORBITOL: It s used as a skin softener.


To be used at the beginning of the wrap to detox and activate the active ingredients of Active Slim Gel and Active Slim Cream during the wrap.
Apply on ALL the areas to be treated. (See wrap method)

Élaboré à partir d'ingrédient sains
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