Provence Cosmetics est une entreprise française dynamique située dans le sud de la France.

Les produits de Provence Cosmetics sont exclusifs aux professionnels. La Provence propose un nouveau concept de soins de la peau et du corps, basé sur une haute qualité et des résultats rapides en utilisant des principes actifs naturels. Provence propose des soins de spa professionnels technologiquement avancés pour les propriétaires de salon, les thérapeutes et leurs clients.

Les chercheurs de Provence Cosmetics ont toujours basé une partie de leur travail sur la biotechnologie en trouvant des complexes naturels pour créer des produits à base de plantes et d'huiles essentielles qui ont des performances innovantes.

Development an innovative formulas

Our researchers contribute to advances in the skincare and bodycare industry, with the goal of respecting environmental issues.

Our laboratory began to explore biotechnological active ingredients and ingredients issued from plants and fruits - Based on this fact, our formulation contains actives with smaller molecule size that highly penetrates skin .

Thanks to these principals – the Provence laboratory develops products which they feel are completely unique and without comparison on the market.

We develop products of optimal safety. Our method do not involve testing on animals.

Expertise and performance

Provence Cosmetics are exclusive to professional therapists Salons and spas. Provence offer a new concept in skin care, based on high quality and fast results using natural active ingredients. Provence offer technologically advanced professional spa treatments for salon owners, therapists and their clients.

Ever conscious of the challenges in running a beauty business Provence Cosmetics wants to provide specialists/therapists with the best products possible combining the best from science and nature and believes that this has been achieved in the Provence range.

Provence places a high level of importance in its relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strive to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. All therapists are thoroughly trained in the technical aspects of the products so that they can best understand their use and maximise their effects. All Provence products are tested on groups of volunteers in order to determine not only their exact effects but also to obtain feedback from users.

For each product a detailed treatment method is developed and presented by specialists, in order to obtain the optimum cohesion between the product and the manual techniques of application.

Consumer safety

Consumer safety is our main priority at Provence Cosmetics. All Provence Cosmetics products meet or exceed industry standards for stability, package compatibility, and efficiency. All our products has been subject to challenge test, patch test, test usage. Provence Cosmetics is in full compliance with the European Union Cosmetic Directive, Directive 76/768/CE, IFRA 's recommendations, the standards ISO 22716 and the requirements for safety in all of the countries in which our products are sold. Each ingredient used in our products has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by toxicology center, physicians and pharmacists.

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